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Types of Medical Lab Tests

Our test catalog includes the latest diagnostic solutions including RPP testing, UTI testing, COVID testing, and much more.

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RPP Testing

Respiratory Pathogens Panel that checks for pathogens in the respiratory tract.

Antibiotic Resistance Testing

Antibiotic Resistance Testing

Determine which antibiotics can effectively treat an infection.

UTI Testing

UTI Testing

UTIs are a leading cause of acute kidney infection and sepsis. PCR testing delivers better results to determine the best treatment options.

Wound Care Testing

Wound Care Testing

Full spectrum of tests for successful and effective wound care treatment.

CCM Testing

CCM Testing

Chronic Care Management testing provides an overview of all medications a patient is currently taking.

COVID Testing

COVID Testing

Detects COVID-19 when a person has signs and symptoms or is asymptomatic.


Toxicology Testing

Used to detect drugs or other chemicals in urine or saliva.

Medical Testing Solutions

We provide accurate lab testing and diagnostics for several different industries.

Clinicians & Physicians Icon

Clinicians & Physicians

Modern & fully automated lab that performs STAT and routine testing in various areas.

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Assisted Living Facilities Icon

Assisted Living Facilities

Team of specialists that can perform all services onsite from blood labs to toxicology.

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Home Health Icon

Home Health & Hospice

Improving quality of life for people coping with life-threatening diseases or illnesses.

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General Hospitals Icons

General Hospitals

We handle all lab work and laboratory testing for hospitals that don’t have in-house.

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Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals Icons

Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals

Range of testing services that lets hospital staff focus on patient care.

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Rehabilitation Hospitals Icon

Rehabilitation Hospitals

Drug monitoring services that significantly reduce the chance of patient relapse.

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Rehab, Drug & Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Icon

Rehab, Drug & Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Various lab testing services including urine and oral fluid toxicology.

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Nursing Homes Icon

Nursing Homes

Gentle and convenient onsite lab testing for elderly patients in nursing homes.

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Reference Labs Icon

Reference Labs

We are able to receive and test specimens from other laboratories.

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Maximum Safety

Quantum Scientific and its affiliates promote and operate in a compliant environment.

  • Consultations with legal counsel
  • Refusal to tolerate unethical or criminal behavior
  • Compliance education & training for personnel
  • Risk mitigation policies & procedures
medical laboratory testing services
Quantum Logo
Quantum Logo

About Us

Quantum Scientific is a CLIA specialty laboratory that utilizes proprietary testing methodologies to guide clinical decision-making. We are committed to providing cutting-edge laboratory services for RPP (Respiratory Pathogens Panel), Antibiotic Resistance, UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), CCM (Chronic Care Management) Testing, and more.

medical lab testing services

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