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RPP Testing

We offer Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP) testing using the most advanced pathogen panels and FDA-approved platforms.

  • Accurate & Reliable Diagnoses
  • Extensive Infection Profiles
  • Better Informed Clinical Decisions
  • Detection for Multiple Respiratory Pathogens

Quantum Scientific provides a comprehensive and robust assay that identifies causative organisms, bacteria, and pathogens by DNA/RNA to diagnose infections quickly.

RPP testing

Antibiotic Resistance Testing

Antibiotic Resistance testing is essential to determining the best course of treatment when standard antibiotics have lost effectiveness.

  • Receive Quick & Accurate Test Results
  • Administer Effective Treatment Plans
  • Predict Drug Resistance
  • Determine Susceptibility Levels

We also offer informative antibiotic sensitivity results to help identify which antibiotic(s) are best suited to treat bacterial infections.

antibiotic resistance testing
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UTI Testing

UTI testing is a simple urine test that helps detect bacteria or other microbes that enter the urinary tract and cause infection.

  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Early Detection & Treatment
  • Accurate Modern Testing
  • Experienced Lab Technicians

The results reveal which kind of infection is present, as well as the dose and duration of treatments.

UTI testing

Wound Care Testing

Wound care testing is a complex procedure used to assist and treat patients throughout the stages of healing.

  • Rapidly Collect & Transport Specimens
  • Accurately Analyze Lab Samples
  • Recognize Hard-to-Detect Pathogens
  • Identify Key Resistance Markers

Quantum Scientific helps you see the whole picture by providing advanced lab data that goes above and beyond a patient’s medical history and physicals.

wound care testing

CCM Testing

Chronic Care Management (CCM) testing is pivotal in helping providers offer higher quality care, shorter treatment times, and better patient outcomes.

  • Evaluate Efficacy & Adherence
  • Work With Trained Phlebotomists
  • Effectively Manage Chronic Conditions
  • Improve Patient Care & Experiences

We help treat patients with chronic diseases who require ongoing medication management like diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, depression, and more.

CCM testing

COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 testing plays an essential role in the fight against infection. Our team is well-versed in administering different types of COVID tests for a quick and accurate diagnosis.

  • Contact Tracing & Reporting
  • Accurate Results & Quarantine Timelines
  • Symptom Tracking & Rapid Detection
  • Improved Testing Processes & Results

We perform reliable COVID-19 testing that helps keep communities safe and give much-needed peace of mind to both patients and providers.

COVID-19 testing

Toxicology Testing

We offer a variety of toxicology lab testing services to detect prescription and non-prescription substances in the urine or saliva.

  • Monitor Patient Therapy & Results
  • Prevent Mixed Drug Toxicity
  • Confirm or Disprove Suspected Drug Use

Toxicology is used to evaluate patients before receiving medical therapy, patients in substance abuse recovery, patients displaying deviant drug behavior, and patients using controlled medications.

toxicology testing

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